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About Us

Princeton Partners is a property development company passionate on delivering beautiful homes exceeding all expectations.

Our properties are distinguished by unique architectural designs, luxurious finishes and incomparable quality. Always close to local amenities, we base our projects in sought after locations where investors and owners will experience maximised growth.

With an emphasis and responsibility for client satisfaction, we only partner with renowned architects and builders ensuring the successful delivery of each project.



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Site Acquisition

We are actively seeking opportunities to add quality properties to our investment portfolio.  
If you’re considering selling your property with a desire to:

  • Sell quickly;

  • Avoid the hassle of a marketing campaign;

  • Sell for a fair, above market value price; and

  • Bypass sales commissions;

We would love to hear from you.
Contact us today to let us know more about your property.

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Project Management

Our Development Management process provides a streamlined strategy to take your property from
an idea through to a completed project, delivering on time and within budget.


  • Site due diligence

  • Detailed feasibility reports

  • 10 stages of Development Management

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Joint Venture

We are always on the lookout for Joint Venture partners for our developments.

We partner with both:

  • Existing landowners using our expertise to unlock development potential and enhance financial return on existing property; and

  • Equity investors offering investment exposure to development opportunities with trusted partners.


We have the flexibility to structure deals suitable to individual Joint Venture circumstances, whilst tailoring the level of risk and corresponding return to the partners investment style.

Contact us today to discuss ways you can partner with us.



At Princeton Partners we specialise in residential projects.

Specifically, we develop duplexes, townhouses and homes of all sizes.

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